Virtual Reality (VR) is the hottest concept and VR games provide players with a fully imersive gaming experience like nothing else! Omescape has teamed up with the best VR game developer to bring you the world's first team based VR escape game!

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VR games we are offering

Mind Horror

Mind Horror, difficulty ΩΩ, 2-6 Players

Serial killer known as the Silent Man has kidnapped a child and keeps her at an unknown location. He was apprehended but a deadly brain disease has put him into a coma. Now your team of cyber-detectives has to enter Silent Man's mind to discover a key memory, which will disclose the location of the kidnapped child. YOu have exactly 1 hour to complete your task before the connection is list! Silent Man's mind is dangerous so you will need to protect yourself by doing swimming, smashing, shoooting and flying! Save the child before it's too late!

Technologies we have used

HTC Vive

Best Virtual Reality headset on the market today. It has large field of view, sharp display and high refresh rate to provide best visual. Also its advanved room-scale tracking technology will allow up to 6 players play VR games in one room.

Leap motion

This technology allows you to see your hands in Virtual reality (instead of using controller) and you can do all sorts of awesome things in VR. Just imagine you can do something as cool as Tom Cruise

alienware pc

We used top spec gaming PC from this most famous faming PC brand to ensure our customers will have the best possible VR experience

VR Games at Omescape

Virtual reality (VR) is the hottest new concept in gaming, bringing an immersive experience like no other. Omescape has teamed up with a leading VR developer to bring you the world’s first team based VR experience.

VR technology and the immersive experience it offers has the ability to convince the human brain that it is somewhere it is not. Using a VR headset and earphones, players are transported into another environment and can use their movements in real time to take action in the new virtual reality setting. People can interact with the game in a real and physical way, making the story and characters more believable.

The virtual world is currently being explored by tech companies across the world, with a selection of VR headsets now available to consumers. VR is also being used introduced in education and training, to help people learn new skills without having to travel or put themselves in potentially dangerous situations.





VR Team Games

Until recently, VR games had only been available for single players, but as the technology adapts and evolves it is now possible to experience VR as a group. VR technology brings a whole new immersive element to escape room games, making them even more action-packed and fun.

A VR group game has less focus on puzzles and instead encourages all members of the group to take part physically – from shooting and flying to dodging the bad guys! It’s a great team experience if you like to scare yourselves and take part in action-packed fun. Together you’ll take on various virtual challenges as the engaging story unfolds.

VR team games are not just for pro-gamers – there’s no VR experience necessary and all of the equipment will be explained to the whole group beforehand.


"Gave the VR escape room a go as it seemed really novel to be able to do a VR escape game as a team and be able to interact. It was fantastic fun and an amazing experience."

CaptainPooladore - TripAdvisor

"4 of us did the mind horror virtual reality game. Never done anything virtual reality before and was a little sceptical as to how good the effects were going to be and how much participation we would have. IT WAS INCREDIBLE !!!! Highly recommend it if you are into techy games. Had previously done a "normal" escape room so it was great to experience this"

Chelsea - Facebook