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From Zombie Apocalypse to Ghost Busting, from group play to player vs player, Omescape has all kind of free roam multi-player shooting experiences that suits everyone!

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Free roam multi-player VR experiences we are offering

Arizona Sunshine LBVR

Free-Roam VR Zombie Shooting with Haptic Guns, difficulty Ω, 2-12 Players

Are you addicted to Zombie Apocalypse TV shows or zombie horror fiction? Do you want to be thrown into a world of instincts and survival - all with the touch of a button? If so, you’re going to love our new VR gaming experience based on the award-winning and top-selling VR shooter game Arizona Sunshine.

Rotten Apple VR

Free-Roam VR Zombie Shooting with Haptic Vests, difficulty ΩΩ, 2-12 Players

Since the outbreak, New York has been turned into an isolated quarantine zone. You and your squad are just on the way to the quarantine zone border to reinforce the guard when an unexpected emergency call forces you to enter. Those who enter the quarantine zone rarely return. Can you and your team survive?

After the Fall LBVR

FREE-ROAM VR ZOMBIE SHOOTING, difficulty Ω, 2-12 Players

An action-packed free roam VR zombie shooting mission with intense 4-player co-op gameplay in a frozen post-apocalypse world. Fighting huge horde of Snowbreed and face the boss at the end!

Mission Z / Z II

FREE-ROAM VR ZOMBIE SHOOTING, difficulty ΩΩ, 2-18 Players

Enter with your team in this zombie-infested manor and try to survive MISSION Z! Lord Grave won’t take your unwelcome presence in his home too kindly and will quickly release his creatures on you and your friends. You will have to sneak and run away, taking elevators to unknown destinations... A combination of great aiming, cooperation, and deductive skills will be needed to overcome your inconvenient hosts... Can you count on your friends?

Death Squad

FREE-ROAM VR ZOMBIE SHOOTING, difficulty ΩΩ, 2-18 Players

Welcome to Death Squad, your goal is to clean this zombie-infested bunker with the help of your squad. You gain money when you kill zombies. Use that cash to upgrade your weapons or unlock completely new areas. Watch out, zombies can come from anywhere so keep an eye on your back. If you’re feeling lucky, gamble some of that money at the mystery box. You might find the best weapons or... pea shooters. Anyway, the goal here is to survive as long as you can, good luck!

Hero Zone

Backpack-less free roam shooting, difficulty Ω, 2-18 Players

Hero Zone is packed with immersive fun for different tastes, age groups and skill levels. Challenging yet accessible for first-timers with a focus on team play and replay-ability. Choose 3 games to play from Zombie Apocalypse, Archery, or PvP shooting!

Ghost Patrol

Free-Roam VR Ghost Chasing, difficulty Ω, 2-12 players

Do you dare to go on a ghost-busting adventure in a haunted manor house where not everything is as it seems?

Free roam VR Shooting at Omescape

What is VR?

Virtual reality or VR is a technology that creates an immersive and interactive digital environment, replicating real-world or imaginary situations. 

Users wear specialised VR headsets that display 3D visuals, that often include audio effects to enhance the sense of presence. 

By tracking the user’s head and hand movements, free roam VR allows individuals to explore and interact with this simulated environment as if they were physically present within it. 

What is virtual reality shooting?

Virtual reality shooting, also known as VR shooting or virtual reality target practice, is a form of interactive entertainment and training that combines virtual reality technology with firearms simulation. 

In a free-roam VR shooting setup, participants can enjoy heart-pounding, adrenaline-pumping scenarios that deliver an unparalleled level of excitement and teamwork. As players wear VR headsets, haptic feedback vests, and realistic firearm controllers, they find themselves in meticulously crafted virtual battlegrounds. 

One of the most thrilling aspects of this experience is the camaraderie it fosters among teammates. VR shooting encourages players to work together to accomplish objectives, whether it’s surviving daring missions, or solving complex puzzles. The teamwork element adds an extra layer of excitement as players strategise, communicate, and rely on each other to emerge victorious, creating a sense of accomplishment and unity that’s hard to replicate in a traditional gaming environment.

How does virtual reality shooting work?

In a free roam VR experience, participants wear VR headsets that immerse them in a digital environment resembling various shooting scenarios. They interact with this virtual world using specialised VR guns with realistic recoil haptics.

What kind of VR shooting experiences does Omescape provide users?

Participants can engage in realistic free roam shooting experiences, all within the safe and controlled environment of virtual reality. 

The system tracks the user’s movements and provides real-time feedback on accuracy, speed, and technique. From our Arizona Sunshine to our After The Fall LBVR and Hero Zone VR laser tag experiences, there is something for everyone to try their hand at with VR shooting. 

Our zombie shooting experiences in London, like our Arizona Sunshine experience, deliver the spine-tingling excitement of a zombie apocalypse. Players must rely on their marksmanship skills and teamwork in this zombie shooting experience. The intense atmosphere, coupled with the palpable tension of the undead closing in, creates an adrenaline rush that’s both exhilarating and fun for the whole team.

For those who prefer a more competitive experience, Hero Zone VR laser tag offers a chance to engage in fast-paced, high-energy battles. Suitable for a range of ages and abilities, it is the perfect virtual reality experience for beginners or for players looking for a challenge. 

Why should you book an Omescape VR shooting experience?

Booking free roam VR shooting with Omescape offers an exceptional blend of entertainment and skill-building. 

Omescape’s virtual reality experiences combine cutting-edge VR technology with realistic firearms simulation, providing a fun and thrilling experience for every player. 

With expertly designed virtual environments, accurate tracking systems and responsive feedback, users can enjoy lifelike shooting experiences. Whether you are looking to enjoy some exciting VR shooting action with a group of friends, test your skills against your colleagues or make fun family memories, the VR games at Omescape promise an unforgettable experience for both VR enthusiasts and those seeking a new type of entertainment to enjoy.