VR Escape Rooms

Virtual Reality (VR) is the hottest concept and VR games provide players with a fully immersive gaming experience like nothing else! Omescape has teamed up with the best VR studios to bring you the world's best multi-player free roaming VR Escape Rooms!

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VR games we are offering


Free-Roam Sci Fi Space VR escape room, difficulty ΩΩΩ, 2-12 players

An award winning free roam VR adventure rhythmed by enigmas and choices. Forget about the reality you know and have an unforgettable adventure in space with family and friends.


Free-Roam Indiana Jones VR escape room, difficulty ΩΩΩΩ, 2-12 players

An award winning free roam VR adventure inspired by the Indiana Jones Franchise. Cooperate, find clues, solve puzzles, avoid traps, and explore mysterious worlds in search of an ancient artefact.


Free-roam Virtual reality odyssey, difficulty ΩΩ, 2 - 12 players

Ascenders is a virtual reality odyssey between contemplation and cooperation where participants try to escape their tragic fate on a mysterious island full of secrets.

The Corsair's Curse

Free-Roam Fantasy VR escape room, difficulty ΩΩΩ, 2-12 Players

If you’re a fan of fantasy pirate adventures and you’ve longed to experience heart-racing thrills aboard an enchanted galleon, you won’t want to skip The Corsair’s Curse!


Free-Roam Steampunk VR escape room, difficulty ΩΩΩ, 2-12 Players

Omescape London brings the best wireless Virtual Reality escape room experience to the UK for the first time. You are the last remaining survivors of humanity. Can you complete your last mission and reverse the apocalypse with HUXLEY?

Huxley 2

Free-Roam Steampunk VR escape room, difficulty ΩΩΩ, 2-12 Players

Ancient legend tells of a source of infinite energy, hiding in a secret place. This is Huxley, which our beloved father has spent his entire life trying to find. Now, he has mysteriously disappeared, and you and your team must follow the legend, completing his life's work. Omescape brings this 19th century steampunk world in incredible virtual reality, where you and your team can encounter thrilling searches, ingenious inventions, and spend time searching for the ultimate energy.


Free-roam Lunar Base VR space mission, difficulty ΩΩ, 2-18 Players

Participate in an escape game in complete immersion! Observe the Earth from the Moon and unlock the mysteries of LUNARSCAPE: BREAKDOWN! There hasn’t been any news from Lunar Base 42 for over 3 days. You and your team are sent to the moon to investigate. Explore the spatio-greenhouses, make newfriends and solve the puzzles that impede your progress. Communication with your teammates and deduction skills will be your biggest allies to carry out this mission successfully... Will you be able to finish your epic quest in time?

Temple Quest

Free roam Crystal Maze style VR Mission, difficulty ΩΩ, 2-18 Players

Step into the shoes of a seasoned adventurer to explore an old temple. Where will you go? To the SKY Temple, high in the clouds? Or to the FIRE temple deep inside a volcano? Avoid traps, escape a maze and uncover this ancient civilization’s fate. The challenge won’t be easy but if you succeed, bountiful treasures await you!

VR Escape Rooms at Omescape

What is virtual reality?

Virtual reality, also known as VR, is the hottest new concept in gaming, bringing an immersive experience like no other.

VR technology and the mesmerising experience it offers has the ability to convince the human brain that it is somewhere it is not.

Using a VR headset and earphones, individuals are transported into another environment and can use their movements in real time to take action in the new virtual reality setting. Individuals can interact with the VR display in a real and physical way with their actions, making what they are viewing and reacting to more believable. 

What is a VR escape room?

A virtual reality escape room is an immersive and interactive virtual reality experience that provides users with a unique challenge and scene to tackle. VR escape rooms replicate in a new and interesting way the concept of a physical escape room in an enhanced digital environment.  

Free roam VR escape rooms offer boundless creativity, transporting participants to diverse virtual environments and enabling unique challenges not possible in physical escape rooms. They provide an unprecedented level of interactivity with other team players, allowing users to manipulate objects and engage with virtual elements in an immersive environment. 

Participants of a VR escape room wear VR headsets and enter a computer-generated world where they are presented with a series of puzzles, challenges and clues. The goal is to solve these puzzles, unlock mysteries and ultimately find a way to “escape” the virtual room or scenario. Players can manipulate objects, examine their surroundings, and collaborate with others in a fun team setting within the virtual space. 

The combination of realistic graphics, audio and intuitive controls creates a captivating and challenging adventure, offering a unique blend of problem-solving, exploration and entertainment all within the realm of virtual reality.

What VR escape room experiences do Omescape offer?

Omescape has teamed up with multiple award winning VR studios to bring you the world’s best free roam team based virtual reality escape room experiences in London. 

Our free roam VR escape rooms in London bring new steampunk and apocalyptic survival experiences, from our Huxley VR escape room to Eclipse and Lunarscape

Our virtual reality experiences are fully immersive, with a range of different escape room challenges, providing you and your team with plenty of choice. 

Who can I experience an Omescape VR escape room with?

Until recently, VR games had only been available for single players, but as the technology adapts and evolves it is now possible to experience VR as a group. VR technology brings a whole new immersive element to escape room games, making them even more action-packed and fun to enjoy as a group. 

Together with friends, family or work colleagues you’ll take on various virtual challenges as the engaging story unfolds. This new VR version of escape rooms means that teamwork and quick thinking are necessary, and you and your team will have to work together to get out of this completely unique virtual reality experience.

VR team games are not just for pro-gamers – there’s no VR experience necessary and all of the equipment will be explained to the whole group beforehand. With a wide choice of VR experiences in London, Omescape has an escape room for everyone, whether you want to spend time with family, enjoy a day out with friends or build relationships with your office team.

Why should you book an Omescape virtual reality escape room experience?

Escape rooms have become more and more popular in previous years, and Omescape are focused on taking this to the next level, with fully immersive London escape rooms using high quality, revolutionary virtual reality technology.

Virtual reality escape room experiences allow you and your friends, family, and colleagues to enjoy a fun and exciting experience, building on team skills, and discovering new VR worlds, in a safe and convenient way. 

More than just a new way to game, free roam virtual reality offers an opportunity to situate yourself in an experience, using your own movements to navigate the world of sci-fi and horror escape room experiences that Omescape provides, in a completely immersive and fun way.