A Virtual Reality Escape Room is an interactive game where participants use VR headsets and controllers to enter a fully immersive digital world. Players must solve puzzles, find clues, and complete tasks within a set time limit to escape or achieve a specific goal.

The immersive 3D environment allows for themes like sci-fi, horror and history, VR escape rooms offer a unique blend of entertainment, problem-solving, and immersive storytelling, providing a thrilling and engaging experience.

Unlike traditional escape rooms, VR escape rooms use digital environments created by computer graphics, where players interact through VR headsets and controllers.

This allows for more exciting themes and elaborate settings than physical rooms. Traditional escape rooms on the other hand, involve physical spaces where players handle real objects and navigate set rooms.

No, we only have VR escape rooms here at Omescape London.

It’s very unlikely that our VR experiences will cause you motion sickness. Motion sickness happens when there’s a disconnect between the motion of your body and what your eyes see. This typically happens when playing games that involve joysticks.

At Omescape London, all of our VR experiences are free roam, meaning you are walking around in real life as well as the VR game. This makes it feel far more natural, and means that getting motion sick is unlikely.

Unfortunately, our Aldgate location is not wheelchair accessible. However, our new location at Southbank will be wheelchair accessible, and wheelchair users will be able to take part in our VR games.

Please check back for more information coming soon.

Yes, you can book a VR escape room party with Omescape London. Please book via our easy online system, or get in touch with us for more information about having a party here.

We offer a huge range of virtual reality escape rooms of varying difficulties.

If this is your first time playing a VR escape game, then you may want to start out with an easier room, like Ascenders, or if you’re a seasoned pro (or just like a challenge) then why not try a harder room like Jumpers?

Check out our VR escape rooms, where you will find a difficulty rating on each one of the games.

Our VR escape rooms are suitable for most ages, including children, however to participate in a VR escape experience, you have to be at least 11 years old.

For our standalone rooms (not Hero Zone or Vex Play), you will only be playing with other people if there are 2 of you.

To ensure that you will not be playing with strangers, make sure that you book a VR escape room for 3 or more people.

For Hero Zone and Vex Play, there needs to be at least 5 of you playing to make sure that you will be alone.

VR shooting is a type of virtual reality game where players use state of the art VR headsets and motion controllers that provide haptic feedback for added realism and excitement and simulate shooting activities.

These games immerse players in 3D environments where they can look around, aim, and shoot with realistic weapon handling. Popular free roam VR shooting scenarios include VR zombie shooting.

While most people can enjoy our VR shooting experiences, you do have to be 11+ to play one of our VR shooting games at Omescape London.

Yes, glasses will fit into our VR headsets and so you can play our VR games while wearing glasses. However we do recommend wearing contact lenses, if possible, for the best VR experience.

Our VR games come in varying difficulties, check our VR shooting page and look for the Omega symbol that will tell you how hard each game is. Easier game titles include Arizona Sunshine, Ghost Patrol, and After the Fall.

Ensuring the safety of our participants is very important to us at Omescape London. We have implemented comprehensive safety measures to provide a secure environment during our free roam VR shooting experiences.

Before each session, we make sure to provide detailed safety briefings to familiarise participants with the equipment and guidelines.

We don’t think that our VR shooting games are too scary, and they are suitable for most ages. However, we do recognise how some people may find some of the themes scary.

If you’d rather not play a zombie shooting game, then check out our Hero Zone and Vex Play packages, which contain a variety of mix and match games that you can choose that won’t be scary at all.

All of our virtual reality shooting games are multiplayer, and have a capacity of 2-12 people for standalone games like Arizona Sunshine and Rotten Apple.

Please take consider that if you book one of our VR shooting games for 2 people, then you will be joined with another pair to make 4.

To ensure that you will not be playing with strangers, make sure to book with 3 or more people. For Hero Zone and Vex Play games, the capacity is 2-18, and to ensure that you are not playing with strangers, make sure your booking exceeds 5.

Free roam VR allows players to physically move around a designated area while wearing VR headsets and wireless haptic equipment. Unlike traditional VR, players can walk, run, and explore larger spaces while interacting with other players.

In a free roam VR setup, participants wear VR headsets that track their movements and display the virtual world they’re exploring.

The VR system uses motion-tracking technology to synchronise the movements of players within the shared virtual space, enabling real-time interaction and collaboration.

Players are side by side in the VR adventure, even being able to touch each other during the VR experience.

In order to provide the best possible free roam VR experiences, we use state-of-the-art commercial wireless VR headsets paired with high end gaming PCs, and custom made VR haptic guns and vests for our zombie shooting missions.

This allows us to provide comfortable, top quality, and exhilarating free roam VR experiences for our customers.

The number of players that can participate in one of our free roam VR experience depends on the type of experience you choose.

For free roam VR escape rooms and virtual reality shooting, our capacity is 2-12 players in up to three separate teams (3×4).

For Hero Zone / Vex Play free roam VR the capacity is 2-18 players in up to three separate teams (3×6).

Depending on your group size, you can either play together in the same VR world, or play identical VR missions as two/three separate teams head to head.

Omescape London has a huge variety of free roam VR experiences for you to choose from.

Our most popular experiences are our VR escape rooms and VR shooting games, but we also have competitive laser tag and virtual archery, as well as many other mini games included in our Hero Zone and Vex Play free roam VR packages.

Our free roam VR experiences are some of the best on the market, and there’s so many great games to choose from. We’d recommend trying the following first:

VR ShootingArizona Sunshine (for the big rifle) or After the Fall (for dual wield)
VR Escape RoomHuxley (better for a 2 player team) / Eclipse (best visuals)

Family fun or Kids party – Hero Zone or Vex Play

For 2-4 player team we recommend choosing one of the premium free roam VR missions, while for a 5-6 player team we recommend choosing Hero Zone or VEX Play Package, or split to do head to head missions.

Depending on the VR experience that you have chose, the overall duration of the session can change. Generally speaking:

VR Shooting experiences – 30-40 minutes + 10 minutes briefing
VR Escape rooms – 40-50 minutes + 10 minutes briefing
Hero Zone / Vex Play – 40 minutes + 10 minutes briefing

The missions within our free roam VR experiences are designed to provide a good amount of time to complete the game.

However, if you desire an extended gameplay session, you can make back-to-back bookings for the same or a different VR experience.

We encourage you to get in touch with us as we may be able to offer discounts for multiple bookings on the same day.

40 minutes is plenty of time to complete, and have fun in your chosen VR experience.

However, if you would like to have a longer session, please get in touch with us to make a back to back booking.

At Omescape London, we offer many benefits that you may not find at other VR arcades.

Our fully immersive virtual reality experiences are totally free roam and have no wires, but use the best quality VR headsets and custom made haptic vests and guns for a more lifelike experience.

In addition, you can play side by side with your team instead of playing solo or over the internet.

Other VR arcades promise an “hour” of playtime but eat into that time by teaching you the different controls and switching between games.

Our 40 minute sessions allow you and your team to fully immerse yourselves in a continuous free roam VR adventure, making the most of your time here.

In essence, the actual playtime you receive from our experiences are comparable, if not greater, than those offered by other VR arcades.

The cost of our free roam VR experiences can vary depending on factors such as the size of the team and the experience that you choose.

Generally speaking it is between £30 to £40 per person. For more information, please check our pricing page.

No! It’s not necessary to have any experience with free roam VR games before coming to Omescape London.

The experiences are designed to be accessible to newcomers and include brief tutorials or instructions to familiarise players with the VR controls and interactions.

Our game masters at the venue are also available to provide assistance when needed.

Whilst we can’t make a blanket statement about the suitability of all our VR experiences for pregnant women, for the most part it’s safe for pregnant women to enjoy our VR games.

Our VR escape rooms and VR shooting experiences do have different elements in them and themes that some people may find scary, so it is best to get in contact with us to check before you make a booking.

In the event that you are running late please let us know as soon as possible.

We have a 10 minute grace period and will try our best to host you if you arrive late, however please be aware that arriving late could result in either shortened game-play time or you will have to reschedule for a fee.