Omescape multiple player free roam VR refers to a virtual reality experience offered in a location-based setting where multiple players can engage in a free-roaming VR adventure simultaneously. It allows players to physically move within a designated area while interacting with each other and the virtual environment. It is highly immersive, sociable and great fun!

In an Omescape multiple player free roam VR setup, participants wear VR headsets that track their movements and display the virtual world. The VR system uses motion-tracking technology to synchronize the movements of players within the shared virtual space, enabling real-time interaction and collaboration. Players are side by side in the VR adventure, they can even touch each other in the VR experiences.

In order to provide the best possible free roam VR experiences, we introduce best-in-class commercial wireless VR headset pairing with high end gaming PCs; custom made VR haptic guns and haptic vests (for our premium zombie shooting missions). This allows us to provide comfortable, top quality free roam VR experiences for our customers.

The number of players that can participate in an Omescape multiple player free roam VR experience depends on the experiences. At the moment our VR capacity is: Premium free roam VR - up to 12 players in three separate teams (3x4); Hero Zone / VEX Play free roam VR - up to 18 players in three separate teams (3x6); Depends on your group size, you can either play together in the same VR world, or play identical VR missions as two/three separate teams head to head (competitive).

Omescape free roam VR offers a wide variety of game genres and experiences. We have cooperative multiplayer adventures, team-based shooters, competitive esports laser tag, virtual reality escape rooms, and more.

While all our free roam VR experiences are best on the market, we do recommend trying following first:
Action/Shooting mission - Arizona Sunshine LBVR (for big rifle gun) or After the Fall LBVR (for dual wield);
VR escape room - Huxley (better for 2 player team) / Eclipse (best visual);
Family or Kids party - Hero Zone or VEX Play;
For 2-4 player team we recommend choosing one of the premium free roam VR missions while 5-6 player team we recommend choosing Hero Zone or VEX Play. For 7-12 player team split is a must.

The duration of Omescape free roam VR sessions can vary depending on the titles. Generally speaking:
Shooting experiences - 30 minutes + 10 minutes briefing;
VR Escape rooms - 40 minutes + 10 minutes briefing;
Hero Zone / VEX Play - 40 minutes + 10 minutes briefing.

The missions within Omescape multiple player free roam VR experiences are designed to provide an optimal duration (as mentioned in the previous FAQ). However, if you desire a more extended gameplay session, you can make back-to-back bookings for similar or different VR experiences. We encourage you to get in touch with us as we may be able to offer discounts for multiple bookings on the same day, enhancing your overall experience.

For most people, a session of 30-40 minutes is generally considered a perfect duration to enjoy Omescape multiple player free roam VR experiences. In our VR shooting missions, the gameplay can be intense, causing players to become physically active, sweaty, and potentially tired. Similarly, VR Escape Rooms often require a high level of focus and mental engagement to solve challenges, which can lead to mental fatigue. Therefore, allocating 30-40 minutes allows for an immersive and fulfilling experience while considering the physical and mental exertion involved.

At Omescape, we offer a distinctive advantage over other VR arcades:

No wires, totally free roam VR in a large area (vs standing pod based VR)
Play together side by side with your team (vs solo or play over internet)
Exclusive LBE free roam VR experiences (vs games that you can play at home)
Custom made haptic vest and guns (vs standard controllers)

Also, unlike other VR arcade that promise an "hour" of playtime but involve learning different controls and switching between games, our 30-40 minute sessions allow you and your team to fully immerse yourselves in a continuous free roam VR adventure. By eliminating the time wasted on learning controls and transitioning between games, we ensure that you make the most of your time inside the VR missions. In essence, the actual playtime you receive from our experiences are comparable, if not greater, than those offered by other VR arcades.

Following are the recommended minimum age for our free roam VR experiences:
Premium VR shooting - 11+;
VR Escape rooms - 11+;
Hero Zone / VEX Play - 8+.

The cost of Omescape multiple player free roam VR experiences can vary depending on factors such as size of the team and different titles. Generally speaking it is between £30 to £40 per person.

No prior experience with VR is necessary to enjoy Omescape multiple player free roam VR. The experiences are designed to be accessible to newcomers and typically include brief tutorials or instructions to familiarize players with the VR controls and interactions. Our game masters at the venue are also available to provide assistance and ensure a smooth experience.

Ensuring the safety of our participants is of utmost importance at Omescape. We have implemented comprehensive safety measures to provide a secure environment during our multiple player free roam VR experiences. Before each session, we provide detailed safety briefings to familiarize participants with the equipment and guidelines. Our staff will assist you in gearing up and off with the proper equipment. Throughout the experience, we have trained Game Masters who monitor participants and the virtual environment to prevent accidents or collisions. It is crucial that you follow the instructions and guidelines provided by the Game Master and remain aware of your surroundings for a safe and enjoyable experience.