After the Fall – LB VR Edition

An action-packed free roam VR zombie shooter in a frozen post-apocalyptic VR world


The most immersive VR apocalypse yet

Experience After the Fall’s award-winning co-op action gameplay with up to three friends in one shared arena-scale VR play space, as you physically move around and wield free roam VR weapons with real-life movements using full-body tracking.

Traverse LA’s frozen urban wasteland, survive a cinematic metro ride from hell, push along high-rise buildings navigating small planks at dizzying heights, and wield an array of powerful weapons to fight off the Snowbreed. It’s up to your squad to take on these undead city dwellers and overcome the towering boss that awaits at the end.

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An all-new LBE VR thrill-ride based on the award-winning VR game After the Fall

An epic free roam VR zombie shooter game that puts up to 4 players against a post-apocalyptic VR world filled with ferocious undead, mutated, and twisted by the relentless cold.