The Adventure Begins

Huxley 2

The Legend of Huxley

An old legend tells of Huxley, a source of infinite energy hiding in a secret place. Our beloved father has dedicated his entire life to finding it, but unfortunately he mysteriously disappeared.


Now it is up to your team to follow the legend and complete his life’s work. Discover in virtual reality the 19th century steampunk world, filled with robots, mysteries, and the ultimate VR experience. You and your team can search for the ultimate energy at our base in London, in a completely immersive steampunk landscape. The ingenious inventions of the professor will help you with this.

Immerse yourself in the puzzle adventure of your life and experience the history of HUXLEY.

multi player

2 to 8 Players

HUXLEY 2 can be played by groups of between 2 to 8 players. 2-4 players will work together in one team; 5-8 players will play head to head in two teams.


44 Minutes

44 minutes – this is exactly as long as you have to complete your mission and save the remnants of the human race! Tick, tock, tick, tock…


Free Roaming

Free roaming – Players are equipped with the latest in portable mobile VR technology so there is no cable or wires to trip them up. It lets them have a full 360 degree VR immersion into the mission

Find out more about the VR experience in this awesome trailer for the game...



Powered by a light, portable wireless PC, the backpack and power unit are comfortable and surprisingly light. The pack is essential to power the headset and hand units but adds to the full immersion of the game as it feels like your characters equipment pack which they need on their desperate mission.platform.



We use the latest version of the best commercial VR headset on market today – the HTC Vive Pro. The multiple headsets offer ultra high resolution display with true 360 immersion. They are comfortable to wear, adjustable for every head size and like Ready Player One are your gateway into another, virtual world.



Noise cancelling headphones give you and your teammates the perfect sound insulation to bring your immersion to the next level. You cannot hear anything outside of the game environment apart from vital information. Even though team members are interacting in the virtual world, they can guide and encourage each other like you would on Earth in 2018.

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Best Computer Game Award
Entertainment Award with Virtual Reality
2017 Best Development Award


"We didn't really know what to expect, but what we did get was one of the greatest experiences you can have in 45 minutes! This was so much fun for all of us, the puzzles were just hard enough to keep us focused but not overly difficult to have us giving up and the help that was given by the tech team was great as well. The work itself is amazing, great graphics, very life like! I would thoroughly recommend this experience to everyone."

Passport - TripAdvisor

"We walked into an empty room and then switched on the equipment. You are all immediately transported to another was absolutely fantastic! My whole team have been talking about it non-stop. Great puzzles, a great background to the game and just an all round superb experience."

Getaway - TripAdvisor

"Absolutely incredible experience, 7 of us played the Huxley VR escape room and were totally blown away. Our guide was friendly and welcoming. Couldn't recommend more!!"

David - Google