Plush Rush VR

An all-ages, family-friendly Free Roam Virtual Reality shooting game


The ultimate fantasy adventure

Plush Rush Free Roam is an immersive free-roam virtual reality action game for up to 4 players. You are a group of plush toys guarding a jar of candy against an ever growing toy army. If they manage to get the last piece of candy, it’s game over! Protect it with all the tools you have available…

Great fun for all ages

Nostalgia for Adults – Remember the carefree days of playing with your toys? With Plush Rush, these days are back! Relive your childhood in this immersive action-packed VR game.

Suitable for Children – Plush Rush is set in a toy world in a child’s bedroom. The game is suited perfectly for your younger audience or kids birthdays.

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A Great Variety of Weapons at Your Disposal:

Plush Rush is a fantasy adventure suitable for all ages, offering thrilling action, stunning visuals, and a sweet taste of victory. Can we count on you to defend the Candy Kingdom?