The Penitentiary Escape Room

The ultimate prison break experience

Escape the “Night Stalker’s” cell before it’s too late… Water White, more commonly known as the “Night Stalker” is one of America’s most infamous serial killers. He was reported dead last year, but there is talk among the other prisoners of mysterious circumstances. An unexplained machine was found in the Night Stalker’s cell, and the prisoner who discovered it is now missing. As you enter the room, you realise you are trapped in Water White’s cell – it’s silent, cold and claustrophobic. Instantly you feel the urge to get out as soon as possible…

Player Information

Location: King's Cross

Number of Players: 3-8

Difficulty Rating: ΩΩΩΩ

Escape Rate: 40-50%

The Penitentiary Escape Room Design

This escape game offers the perfect combination of traditional puzzles and immersive technology. The engaging theme is convincing from the beginning as soon as you ‘wake up’ in the Night Stalker’s cell and have no idea how you arrived there.

As a team you’ll have to solve the mystery of what happened to the two prisoners, and find clues to help you escape the odd cell. Production value, impressive laser effects and the fast-moving plot all add to the experience. Your group will need to use logic, interpretive skills and creative thinking the beat the clock and escape the penitentiary in time. If you think you’ll be able to break out, click here to book The Penitentiary escape room.

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"I came here for my 21st birthday yesterday and did the penitentiary room. All 7 of us loved it and escaped with only 13 seconds to spare! Would highly recommend this room and venue to anybody looking to do an escape room. Puzzles were extremely thought out well and were not simple. We used 4 hints to get out. The game tested all of us to our limits, would definitely come again to try another room"

Ellie Quest - Facebook

"Visited with colleagues from work and had a great time. Our host Jack was very welcoming and reassuring. It seems that they have the idfficulty levels aboutright so you don't bust out too early and don't get your money's worth. 6 of us players the penitentiary game and there was something for us all to get our teeth into, really makes you work together and is a lot of fun. The host is there at the end of the radio to give tips if you need them and to take a picture at the end with your certificate of achievement! Wll worth a go from something a little different."

Kspeller - Tripadvisor

"Great fun! Really atmospheric and tricky puzzles. We were in the penitentiary for my friends stag weekend, it was perfect! Thank you"

Katie - Facebook