Omescape offers a selection of London’s most thrilling and realistic escape room games, from the global leader is escape experiences. You have 60 minutes to solve the mystery and breakout… will your team escape in time?

Take a look at the current escape games for 3 players or more, available to book now.

Kingdom of Cats Escape Room in London

You’re trapped in the mysterious Cat Kingdom

Work together with the animals to make it back into the human world… Your group wakes up in the Kingdom of Cats – a fantasy land where big cats rule the world and there are no other humans in sight. You’ve been caught trespassing and the punishment for humans is death by a thousand scratches! Some of the animals may agree to help you travel back into reality – but you’ll have to work together to find clues and solve the puzzles first. Will you make it out of the Cat Kingdom without being turned into King Jasper’s new scratch post?!

Player Information

Location: Aldgate

Number of Players: 3-6

Difficulty Rating: ΩΩΩ

Escape Rate: ?

Joker's Asylum Escape Room in London

Insane and dangerous, the Joker is on the loose.

Your group need to find him before he finds you… After years of performing in the circus, the Joker retreated into madness, creating a mysterious asylum with the help of his doctor. As time went by people forgot about the Joker, but suddenly one day he decided to leave the asylum and carry out a revenge plot. The only person who has any insight into the dangerous mind of the Joker is his doctor – but he has also mysteriously disappeared. Your task is to unravel the mystery and work as a rescue team on a mission, before the Joker finds out you’re onto him.

Player Information

Location: King's Cross

Number of Players: 4-6

Difficulty Rating: ΩΩΩΩΩ

Escape Rate: 25-30%

The Penitentiary Escape Room

The ultimate prison break experience

Escape the “Night Stalker’s” cell before it’s too late… Water White, more commonly known as the “Night Stalker” is one of America’s most infamous serial killers. He was reported dead last year, but there is talk among the other prisoners of mysterious circumstances. An unexplained machine was found in the Night Stalker’s cell, and the prisoner who discovered it is now missing. As you enter the room, you realise you are trapped in Water White’s cell – it’s silent, cold and claustrophobic. Instantly you feel the urge to get out as soon as possible…

Player Information

Location: King's Cross

Number of Players: 4-7

Difficulty Rating: ΩΩΩΩ

Escape Rate: 50-60%

Biohazard Laboratory Escape Room in London

Become a Special Forces team

Save New York from whatever is lurking in the top secret lab… It’s been revealed that Dr Snake has a top secret lab in the New York sewage system, where he’s been furtively researching the development of a new neurotoxin. Your task is to work together to enter the sewage system, locate the dangerous laboratory and find a cure to the neurotoxin – before it becomes a threat to the residents of the city.

Player Information

Location: King's Cross

Number of Players: 3-5

Difficulty Rating: ΩΩΩΩ

Escape Rate: 40-50%