Horror Movies to Look Forward to in 2018

Do you love scaring yourself silly with a horror movie? Whether you prefer the suspense, the gore or the sheer terror of supernatural scenes, there’s loads of new films to get excited about in 2018. The year ahead brings us some superb sequels every horror fan will look forward to, as well as some terrifying original stories. Here’s our pick of this year’s best horror movies….the anticipation is killing us!

Insidious: The Last Key

Early on one of the first big horror movies to hit our screens will be the latest in the Insidious series. These films are now a firm favourite with horror fans for good reason – a classic haunting story with more imagination. As the fourth instalment, The Last Key lives up to high expectations.

Strangers: Prey at Night

If you like your storylines to be less supernatural and more believable, then you’ll love this one starring Cristina Hendricks. Three masked psychopaths terrorise a family on a roadtrip – will they all survive?

A Quiet Place

Some of the most tense horror films are the ones where the audience has no idea what the characters are running from or scared of. Silence really is golden in this storyline, as the trailer tag line is: “If they can’t hear you, they can’t hunt you.” We have no idea what ‘they’ refers to, but we’re intrigued.

Purge 4: The Island

Next summer we await with baited breath the latest Purge film, which is actually a prequel set in Staten Island. Details of the movie have been kept very quiet, but expectations are high after the previous Purge movies have made a huge amount at the box office with little budget.


The ‘70s film is getting a reboot and it’s something to get excited about. Both Jamie Lee Curtis and Michael Myers are returning back to their roles 40 years after the original. Will she escape the masked killer once again? We’ll have to wait until October 2018 to find out.

Mom and Dad

This film explores a scary but awesome premise – a recent epidemic where all parents suddenly try and murder their children. The movie follows two children who have to endure this nightmare, and their parents are played by Nicholas Cage and Selma Blair. Definitely one original plot to watch out for!

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