Live Escape Games Near Camden Town

Are you looking to challenge yourself with your family and friends? We at Omescape London can provide you with the opportunity to test yourselves with our live escape games near Camden Town.

You will feel like a true escapist!

With three rooms to choose from, you can pick which story you would like to be a part of, all the while experiencing our film like props and settings.

Our live escape room games can be used for many events including, but not limited to:

• Birthdays

• Anniversaries

• Parties

We have over 30 branches that have been spread across multiple continents. From Australia to America, we have provided a high-quality experience for those looking to get right into the escapee action.

In addition to having your own experience, we offer you the option to gift the escape room experience to your family and friends.

Whether it’s a gift for one, or a gift for seven, you can set them the challenge of an amazing experience that will bring you closer together and have a memory that will last for a lengthy period of time.

If you would like to get in touch with us and book your escape, call us on 0207 278 5200. Alternatively, you can fill out the form on our site.

A thrilling experience! It's hard to review this place while not spoiling the puzzles, but it was truly a blast. The production value of the two escape rooms I've tried were pretty amazing. It kind of felt like being in a movie!

Awesome rooms. I've done a lot of live escape rooms and the one we did at Omescape London was both challenging and had incredible technology to it.

Would love to do this again! The puzzles were clever and challenging. Clearly they put in a great deal of effort towards designing interesting puzzles. I have no idea how they orchestrated all of it, but it worked great!