4 Reasons To Visit An Escape Room In London

Escape games have gained much popularity in the last one decade. It is loved by people of all age groups. Whether you reside in London or have come to the city on a vacation, you must visit the escape room once to have an experience of a lifetime.

Here are the reasons why your stay in London is incomplete without playing the live VR game.

A cool experience

If you have got bored of visiting the Albert museum, natural history museum or Tower of London and looking for some new places to explore, then visiting the escape room can just be what you are looking for. Here, you will get the opportunity to taste the virtual reality of the themes that you choose, inside the locked room. You will have to look for clues, solve puzzles and escape the room. Sounds exciting? So, for a cool and different kind of experience, you must try the live escape game!

Feel the thrill and adrenalin rush

If the thriller and horror movies gave you those late night adrenalin rush, then you can experience it in the escape room as you will lock yourself in a virtual reality game. The kind of adventure that the escape game offers is full of thrill, fun and a memorable experience that you can cherish forever. The task is you will have to solve puzzles (there will be all kinds of external distractions) and by keeping yourself focused, you have to complete all this in a given span of time. So, you can imagine the kind of adrenalin rush and thrill inside the escape room.

A perfect place to spend with your love

If a walk by the Tower Bridge or Big Ben has been a regular thing for you and you want to spend some quality time with your love in some other place, then Escape rooms are just the best option you can look for. Here, you can willingly get yourself and your loved one locked up in a themed room and together you two can look for clues, solve puzzles. This will help you understand each other well and your thinking abilities as well as enhance your teamwork skills and communication skills too.

Escape the reality

No doubt London hosts some of the beautiful and scenic places in the world from the Sky Garden to the Covent Garden, from London eye to the Hyde park; but,if your life has gone monotonous with crowded places, same old daily routines and household chores, why not give yourself a chance to escape from this reality for sometime? This is possible if you willingly get yourself locked up in the escape room. You can even ask your friends to come and join you in this virtual reality game and have some real fun, away from the real world.
So, found that exciting? If you have not yet tried the live escape room game London, make plan with your friends and try it out! It is fun, adventurous and a great place to socialize! For the best themes in London, Omescape is just the right companion for you. We offer some unique themes, juxtaposing with the perfect ingredients to make your time inside the escape room a memorable one!

A thrilling experience! It's hard to review this place while not spoiling the puzzles, but it was truly a blast. The production value of the two escape rooms I've tried were pretty amazing. It kind of felt like being in a movie!

Awesome rooms. I've done a lot of live escape rooms and the one we did at Omescape London was both challenging and had incredible technology to it.

Would love to do this again! The puzzles were clever and challenging. Clearly they put in a great deal of effort towards designing interesting puzzles. I have no idea how they orchestrated all of it, but it worked great!