Escape room games London offers a wonderful and fun filled experience. If you are in London, you definitely need to try the best themed escape room games that the place offers from Joker’s Asylum to Biohazard laboratory and much more. But, there are a few do’s and don’ts that you must be aware of before trying the live escape room game London. Here, goes the list-

Do arrive at the venue early to understand the basics of the themed game and to have a conversation with your new team members. Also, since cell phones and bags are not allowed inside, you need to keep them in the locker and finally prepare yourself for heading towards the locked room.

Do be a cooperative team member. Since, the live escape room game London gyrates around the concept of teamwork, you need to be cautious in cooperating with your team. Remember, being a sole star cannot lead you anywhere in this game and you have to act as a team to beat the challenge.Be a good listener and listen to what others have to say inside the locked escape room and then put forward your ideas. Together with your team, decide your next move to solve the puzzle.

Do utilize your time properly inside the locked room. Since the time is limited, you have to make proper utilization of each and every second. Use logical thinking to solve the puzzles effectively.

Do keep your calm. As time will start running out, you may get stressed and angry, ending up shouting or misbehaving with your teammates. Remember this is just a game and if you wish to win it, be calm, polite, logical and things will automatically place into place.

Don’t use force or strength inside the room. It is true that the clues can be hidden literally anywhere in the room, but that doesn’t mean you will throw things, use force to remove furniture or roll and twist the decors. Damage should not be done while looking for clues to solve the puzzle.

Don’t hide things from your teammates. If you have come across some clue, do not put it in you pocket. Leave it on the desk for others to see or alert your team members on the same.

Don’t be lazy inside the room. If you have entered the live escape room game London, there is no option of acting lazy or making participation voluntary. You need to participate in teamwork to effectively solve puzzles and escape the room.

Escape room games London are fun, adventurous and interactive. This is a great way to spend time with friends and family on weekends and enjoy your time to the fullest. For the best themed escape room games in London, visit Omescape and book your own voucher today!


A thrilling experience! It's hard to review this place while not spoiling the puzzles, but it was truly a blast. The production value of the two escape rooms I've tried were pretty amazing. It kind of felt like being in a movie!

Awesome rooms. I've done a lot of live escape rooms and the one we did at Omescape London was both challenging and had incredible technology to it.

Would love to do this again! The puzzles were clever and challenging. Clearly they put in a great deal of effort towards designing interesting puzzles. I have no idea how they orchestrated all of it, but it worked great!