biohazard laboratory escape room

Biohazard Laboratory Escape Room

Become a Special Forces team and save New York from whatever is lurking in the top secret lab…

It’s been revealed that Dr Snake has a top secret lab in the New York sewage system, where he’s been furtively researching the development of a new neurotoxin. Your task is to work together to enter the sewage system, locate the dangerous laboratory and find a cure to the neurotoxin –

Player Information

Number of players: 3-5

Difficulty rating: 4*

Suitable for: all levels and abilities and escape room experience

Escape rate: 40-50%

Escape Room Design

inside biohazard laboratory escape room

Step inside our Biohazard Laboratory escape room and you’re instantly immersed in a dramatic mystery which you and your group have to solve before it’s too late. This room has a design focus with a high level of automation, making it one of our most enjoyable and impressive escape experiences. There is an immersive flow to the storytelling and the vast majority of the puzzles are mechanical – avoid all the padlocks which slow down the game! The aesthetics and hands-on puzzles combine to create a realistic and memorable experience for friends, colleagues or family members.

The Biohazard Laboratory tests your logical thinking, analytic skills and attention to detail. Do you think your team are up to the challenge?! There’s only one way to find out – book the Biohazard Laboratory escape room today and take on Dr Snake to save the inhabitants of New York.

Have any questions about The Biohazard Laboratory or can’t decide which room to book? Give us a call on 0207 278 5200 we’re happy to help!

A thrilling experience! It's hard to review this place while not spoiling the puzzles, but it was truly a blast. The production value of the two escape rooms I've tried were pretty amazing. It kind of felt like being in a movie!

Awesome rooms. I've done a lot of live escape rooms and the one we did at Omescape London was both challenging and had incredible technology to it.

Would love to do this again! The puzzles were clever and challenging. Clearly they put in a great deal of effort towards designing interesting puzzles. I have no idea how they orchestrated all of it, but it worked great!