A Beginners Guide To Play The Escape Game

Escape Games have earned quite a lot of popularity in the last one decade. People of all age groups enjoy playing it. The escape rooms are the perfect destination for gamer, newbies or someone looking for a perfect spot to spend time with friends, families and loved ones.

Well, coming to the point of enjoyment inside the escape room, let’s be clear here that it will surely give you a sense of thrill, adventure, fun, excitement and adrenalin rush! If this is your first time at the escape game, and you are unsure of what will you have to encounter there, do not worry! Here, we have come up with a mini guide which will help you get through the escape room and achieve success.

Traverse as much as you can

Exploring each and everything inside the escape room is the first key to success. At first sight you may not notice all the things that the room contains. Your basic task is to look for clues and solve puzzles. Believe me, each and everything can be a part of the puzzle or maybe the clues can be hidden in places where the normal human mind cannot think off. Keep an eye on the detail and try to lift all the furniture, books and whatever you find around you. Clues can be literally anywhere.

Do some team exercise

Since, escape rooms are a team game, keep in mind that no one can be a lone hero in it. So, the best thing to do is to communicate with your team effectively. If you have found a clue, do share it with your teammates. More people in the team means, more ideas to solve the mystery.

Use logical thinking

You need to use logical thinking inside the escape room. Think deductively and communicate well with your teammates. Aggressiveness cannot really lead you anywhere. So, keep yourself cool and make use of logic to crack codes and solve puzzles to exit.

Keep a track of the time

Escape room is all about beating the clock. So, you need to keep a track of the time. Look at the clock and see how much time is left and calculate the tasks accordingly.

Indulge in fun

Escape rooms are a great place to have fun and enjoy yourself. It is a place where you can relieve yourself from stress. While looking for clues, do not forget to have some fun. The thrill and adventure that the game offers are a fun in itself. If you really know how to have fun, you will definitely love the escape rooms!

Ask for hints

You can encounter a situation inside the escape room, when you will get stuck and time will run out. In a situation like this, do not hesitate to ask for hints. There will be no point deduction, even if you use all the hints.
With these few tips in mind, a newbie or a beginner can find it easy to play the escape game. This virtual reality game is surely winning hearts globally. The themes that Omescape offers in London, are something that you should try as it surely will give you the chills and thrill. Gift vouchers are also available. So, if you are in London, do make it a point to visit the live escape room game with friends and family.

A thrilling experience! It's hard to review this place while not spoiling the puzzles, but it was truly a blast. The production value of the two escape rooms I've tried were pretty amazing. It kind of felt like being in a movie!

Awesome rooms. I've done a lot of live escape rooms and the one we did at Omescape London was both challenging and had incredible technology to it.

Would love to do this again! The puzzles were clever and challenging. Clearly they put in a great deal of effort towards designing interesting puzzles. I have no idea how they orchestrated all of it, but it worked great!