5 Reasons Why You Should Play An Escape Game Atleast Once In Your Life

It is a fun to challenge yourself at times and what can be better than doing so through the escape room gaming. Whether it’s a weekend or a stress busting holiday, there are plenty of reasons you should go for escape room game playing. Escape room games have always been so popular due to the fact it has made many people fearless towards things and helped them to live their life better. Let’s discuss few popular reasons why you should play an escape room game atleast once in your life.


1. Mental Aerobics

In our everyday life, we are bound to some situations and fixed patterns where we work and live life. Most of the people do acknowledge that they do not use their mind’s full potential and are used to few forms of mental exercises that they have to perform on daily basis. Escape room games demand a sharp brain that can strive and struggle to build mindful strategies. Participating in an escape room game would let you utilize your brain in a more better way and makes it sharp.


2. Eliminate Fears

Many of us hold fear and anxiety inside us since our childhood. It has always kept us restricted and bound by limited concepts. Even though we have tried to break those limitations, a concept like real life escape room game has no comparison with any other ways. It makes you feel self dependent and you learn to tackle the fears and anxious situations on your own.

3. A better Entertainment Source

You might spend your time watching a movie or on any other pastime but a real life escape room game stands way apart. It makes you feel a real life hero who has to handle various situations and remain responsible throughout the game. Unlike movies, it is more real and lets you come out of the fantasies to a more real face of the world.

4. Learn Socializing

Escape room games let you meet other people who also come to experience it. You have to be with them throughout the game and perform your role in the escape room games. Together, you all have to create strategies to discover the unknown ways and spaces. The better you socialize and contribute your efforts, the faster you may proceed towards the escaping goal. Also, a collective approach to escape brings variety of ideas and some of them can really work out.

5. A Unique Dating

Dating has been conceptually restricted to a passive two way communication but the times are changing. You may take your dating partner to a real life escape room gaming and experience the thrill of adventure and mysteries. Escaping or trying to escape the room together is more than the fascination and can bring you two very close to each other.

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A thrilling experience! It's hard to review this place while not spoiling the puzzles, but it was truly a blast. The production value of the two escape rooms I've tried were pretty amazing. It kind of felt like being in a movie!

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